The connectivity that DeCare has achieved through the Claremorris MAN will have a significant effect on the competitiveness of our business, as the speed and efficiency of our operations is a vital component in our success. We currently employ over 90 people in our customer service and claims operation centre in Claremorris and this initiative will enable us to broaden the scope of our services even further and increase our staff by up to 10%.

Maureen Walsh, DeCare Dental Insurance

CBE are delighted with the activation of the Metropolitan Area Network. It’s essential for our business. We built our new head office and R&D centre in Claremorris in the knowledge that we would have MAN access. Furthermore, it’s absolutely crucial for our export business.

Gerard Conncannon, CBE

We’re a web dependent company and needed to get onto the Cork City MAN in order to avail of the bandwidth needed to improve our client services.

Andrew O'Shaughnessy, Newsweaver

Last year we centralised our support services functions in Cork. While there were many factors involved in the decision one critical factor was the availability of the Metropolitan Area Network. Premier have used the MAN for a few years now and have become accustomed to the rapid provisioning of robust, scalable and affordable data & voice services the MAN has made possible, this rapid provisioning capability is crucial to Premier.

Finbar McCarthy, Premier Group

Piggybacking on the MAN infrastructure helps us to offer high speed broadband services to homes in parts of the country which were black spots before the arrival of WiMax.

Brian O'Donohoe, Imagine

Cork offered a multicultural society with a burgeoning technology cluster and access to a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) that could guarantee our heavy bandwidth requirements at a highly competitive cost.

Oliver Coughlan, Big Fish Games

We anticipate that we will be able to carry more than half of our data traffic on this network [MANs] – underlining the importance of this deal.

Charles Butterworth, Vodafone

TCH was an early and enthusiastic adapter of the MANs. They form a vital part of our strategic plan, and allow us to provide best of breed services to all of our locations with a minimum of fuss and maximum reliability.  They are part of our success, and form a big part of our future.

Ruairi Roddy, Thomas Crosby Holdings

We wouldn’t be in the regions if it wasn’t for the MANs. In fact there are a lot of telecom companies that wouldn’t be operating regionally if it wasn’t for access to a fibre facility.

Donal Hanrahan, Magnet Networks

The availability of optic fibre in regional centres increases the strategic options for the development of our business. Vodafone wishes enet well in its roles as the MSE and looks forward to partnering with enet in the future to provide even more advanced services to our customers.

Sheila Kavanagh, Vodafone

Our customer’s traffic runs over the MAN’s. I don’t think we would be able to compete with the big DSL carriers like Eircom or BT if the MANs hadn’t been built.

Tim Murphy, Strencom

The completion of Phase I of the MANs allows for the delivery of a range of new services, supports the development of new knowledge-based business investment and helps eliminate regional broadband disadvantage in the selected towns.

Dermot Clohessy, IDA Ireland

Tenants would have been left with no broadband service for two months were it not for enet.

Noel O’Flynn, Oireachtas Committee on Communications

This is a landmark day for Cable & Wireless in Ireland. We know that companies outside Dublin have been demanding fast and direct connection to global markets. Thanks to enet, we have cost-effectively rolled-out our high-speed global IP network to the Irish regions. This allows us to focus on delivering the best possible service to our customers, regardless of their location in Ireland.

Noreen O’Hare, Cable & Wireless

Under-performing WiFi can affect guests’ experience and reduce the level of repeat visitors. This is even more critical in the corporate and conference market. From our point of view, access to high quality, reliable broadband services via the Metropolitan Area Network is crucial to our ability to do business the way we want to and offer high quality services to our guests.

Alan Hynes, McWilliam Park Hotel