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Time for nations to MAN up to digital woes with a model that already works

Conal Henry, chief executive at enet, says for countries that are developing intervention strategies, a successful solution already exists in the Irish Government’s MAN model

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Doctors differs and patients die – incumbent behaviour when States intervene in superfast broadband networks

If there is one growth area that might benefit from a less constrictive set of EU regulations, it is state-funding of super-fast broadband roll-out. Believe me, I do not want to become embroiled in the internal debate about the rights and wrongs of Brexit, but this point about state intervention was one that was in the air during the UK-wide Infrastructure Investment Showcase and Debates I attended this month (June) in Milton Keynes.

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From pubs to hubs – life changing innovation flows along fibre connectivity

Advances in technology certainly inspire us. A friend of mine for instance, has been contemplating buying up rural pubs because he is almost convinced that driverless cars will eradicate the scourge that is drink-driving and lead to major changes in drinking habits.

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